Adjustable furniture lock 22x21mm

Adjustable furniture lock 22x21mm

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Technical data: Adjustable furniture lock 22x21mm

 Dimensions:  22x21mm
 Material: Steel
 Colour: Nickel (G02)
 Designed for: Doors, cabinet, drawers
 Include: Lock, 3 keys, plate, fixing screws
 Side:  Universal (left/right)
Universal design adjustable in terms of distance - 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 mm, as well as interchangeable mounting - for doors and drawers.
It is possible to produce furniture locks for one key. For example, all doors and drawers in a furniture set can be opened with one key.

Adjustable furniture lock 22x21mm

An adjustable furniture lock like this one will be a perfect solution if you do not want to be afraid about losing your important documents or other things that really matter to you. With lock for furniture, everything will be safe and always in the same place, so you will not have to worry if someone takes it or if you do not remember where you put it. With a lock on your cabinet, cupboard or a single drawer, you will have a chance to organize your day at work or simple acitivities at home.

An unbreakable key to safety

It is always better to prevent dangerous situations than later worry how to solve the actual problem. A furniture lock can help you with many risks that can come along with having an office, even when it is in your house. When you invest in a furniture lock, you can feel safe and sure about your purchase, because it will provide you the safety and protection of your private things. From this day on, there is nothing that can scare you with an unbreakable, steel furniture lock like this one!