Furniture lock 15x23mm

Furniture lock 15x23mm

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Technical data: Furniture lock 15x23mm

 Dimensions:  15x23mm
 Material: Steel
 Colour: Nickel (G02)
 Designed for: Doors, cabinet, drawers
 Include: Lock, 2 keys, plate, fixing screws
 Side: Universal (left/right)
Designed for furniture in which it is possible to drill a hole for a 16 mm cylinder  and at a distance of 25 mm from the edge of the door or drawer.
It is possible to produce furniture locks for one key. For example, all doors and drawers in a furniture set can be opened with one key.
Smaller size of the box enables installation in places where standard furniture locks will not suit

Furniture lock 15x23mm

A furniture lock can help you with keeping your important things in one place – whether it is your cabinet, or a drawer. Thanks to that, your daily activites at your office or at home can be more organized. You will not have to waste your time on searching. Also, you will not have to worry if you lost something or if someone rummaged through your things when you did not pay attention. When everything is locked, you can feel fully safe and enjoy your free time.

Safety equals peace

With a furniture lock like this one, which has been made of high quality steel, you will not have to worry about anything from now on. And when you are not worrying about anything, you get a chance to relax and enjoy your inner peace. You surely do not have to be afraid of someone breaking into your drawer, because the production material will not let it happen. With a solid and strong furniture lock, you can certainly get all of benefits and you will certainly not feel disappointed about your purchase.