Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 10mm - Ø50mm
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Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 10mm - Ø50mm

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Technical data: Ø50mm Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 10mm

Diameter: 50mm
Height: 50mm
Width: 40mm
Mounting Pin: 10mm x 32mm
Material: Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Ball bearings

Rubber swivel castors with mounting pin - Ø50 mm

Furniture rubber swivel castors with mounting studs, which allow for very easy installation, are essential furniture accessories when it comes to any swivel chair. Choose products that will serve their purpose for many years without having to replace them. Rubber swivel castors (10 mm - Ø50 mm) do not damage the surface thanks to the high quality rubber, guarantee comfortable movement on the chair, the upper plastic part covers the swivel wheel. Replace your existing castors with these new castors - great price and best quality.

Excellent quality and easy to fit

The furniture castors with mounting pin (size: 10x32 mm) are very easy to fit. The mounting pin is simply pressed into the corresponding lower part of the chair. This way, the assembly process of such a caster will not take more than a second. If you are looking for other size and colour variants of furniture castors, please check our other products! In the Furnica range you will find dozens of different types of furniture castors and similar accessories.