Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 8mm and sleeve - Ø50mm

Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 8mm and sleeve - Ø50mm

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Technical data: Ø50mm Furniture rubber swivel wheel with mounting pin 8mm and sleeve

Diameter: 50mm
Height: 50mm
Width: 40mm
Mounting pin size: 8x32mm
Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Ball bearings


Furniture rubber swivel wheels with mounting pins and sleeve –  Ø50 mm

The furniture rubber wheel in this place is the highest quality furniture element. You can successfully apply it to your swivel chair (if the dimensions match). Noteworthy is the great rubber, thanks to which the product is completely safe for various surfaces, including those prone to scratches. Extremely aesthetic housing and the included furniture sleeve make this offer very attractive.

How are furniture castors different from swivel chair castors?

The various models of furniture castors can suit both applications. It all depends on the design of the furniture or swivel chair. Mounting plates are very easy to install element recommended often to furniture while mounting pins and threads are usually designed for chairs, however, it is not a rule. When choosing furniture wheels, you should always pay attention to the dimensions of the fixing element. The other parameters will be versatile for both kinds of use. Enjoy your shopping with Furnica!