Furniture rubber swivel wheel with thread 10mm - Ø50mm
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Furniture rubber swivel wheel with thread 10mm - Ø50mm

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Technical data: Ø50mm Furniture plastic swivel wheel with thread 10mm

Diameter: 50mm
Height: 50mm
Width: 40mm
Thread size: 10x15mm
Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Ball bearings


Dual-colour rubber wheel with thread – Ø50 mm 10 mm

Wheels for office chairs are - literally - the basis of every piece of furniture. This is why you should take extra care when choosing. Furniture rubber swivel wheel - with thread Ø50 mm, 10 mm - are the highest quality rubber elements that will provide the desired stability and moveability to your swivel chair. Try the best now - at the low price at Furnica! We handle individual and wholesales orders.

Many versions of professional swivel chairs’ wheels at Furnica

Furniture rubber swivel wheels with a solid metal thread (screwed in, not pressed in) are solid and will serve you for many years. Due to the slightly elastic high-quality rubber, these products are completely safe to use on the most delicate surfaces. The colour effect is also noteworthy - light grey-black colour version adds some modernity to your office. Check also our other offers if you are looking for other colour versions (we certainly have them)!