Gas Strut 250mm - 100N - Black

Gas Strut 250mm - 100N - Black

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Technical data: Gas Strut 250mm - 100N - Black

 Piston force: 100N
 Colour: Black
 Length: 269mm
 Hole centers: 247mm
 Included: fixing screws
 Suitable for: wooden and aluminium door
 Calculate the Gas Strut Force: Gas Strut Calculator >>>


Gas strut has been waiting for you

If you want to have a very comfortable life in your house, you should think about getting gas strut for your door. With a gas strut like this one, you will open your cabinets up, which is a really convenient thing. Also. you will not have to be worried about possible noise, because this gas strut will make sure that while you are closing the cabinet, it will mute the sound perfectly, without any reservations. This is surely a furniture accessory that cannot be ignored.

It is a choice hard to regret

With all of the advantages mentioned above, it is definitely hard to look down on this gas strut. You will be amazed with how smooth the movement of opening up and closing you cabinet can be. The piston force of this gas strut is 100N, but we have it available in a few forces. Aside from that, the fixing screws are included in the pack. All of that in a really good price. Also, the black colour is quite uncommon when it comes to gas struts, so if you like being original or have dark cabinets, this thing is a great option for you. Find out how to install gas struts.