Metal Furniture Angle with Plastic Cover - Black

Metal Furniture Angle with Plastic Cover - Black

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Technical data: Metal Furniture Angle with Plastic Cover - Black

 Colour: Black
 Material: Zinc coated steel
 Material thickness: 1.5 mm
 Height of angle: 27 x 27 mm
 Width of angle: 13 mm (at widest point)
 Height of cap: 29 x 29 mm
 Width of cap: 17 mm
 Quantity: 1 pc


Metal furniture angle is going to change everything

If you like to mount the furniture yourself, this furniture bracket is definitely a thing for you. It will be a great supporter and it will always make thins a lot easier for you. The fitting connector is something you should never miss because with it, the things can get done much faster than without it. Not to mention, that the mounting will not take you long with it, and it will also not take too much of your energy, so there are two big pluses that you should appreciate.

Get ready for a new life with it

A metal furniture angle with plastic cover like this will suit perfectly to any kind of interior because of its black, universal colour. Aside from that, the simple design of it does not really catch any attention, so your cupboards or kitchen cabinets will get all of the spotlight. If you want to know about the build quality – we can assure you that there is no need to worry because the cabinet bracket has been made out of zinc coated steel, so the material is very solid and worth its money and attention.