Metal Furniture Angle with Plastic Cover - Wenge

Metal Furniture Angle with Plastic Cover - Wenge

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Technical data: Metal Furniture Angle with Plastic Cover - Wenge

 Colour: Wenge
 Material: Zinc coated steel
 Material thickness: 1.5 mm
 Height of angle: 27 x 27 mm
 Width of angle: 13 mm (at widest point)
 Height of cap: 29 x 29 mm
 Width of cap: 17 mm
 Quantity: 1 pc


Metal furniture angle is extremely solid

Wenge furniture angle can surprise you with how many good things it can bring to your house. The zinc coated steel it has been made out of is a very durable and strong material. It can certainly withstand a lot and you will not have to fear about the build quality. The furniture bracket is a great fitting connector and if you like to mount the furniture yourself, it will be a great furniture accessory for you as well. Aside from that, the price is also good considering how much you get.

Perfect practicality is a must

So, with a hanging bracket like this one, you will be able to save some of your space in the kitchen, or any other place you wish. The cabinet hanging bracket has been mostly made for the cupboards that need to be mounted up on the wall, saving some of the space in the kitchen and making the place bigger. If you want to arrange your house well, you should really think about the cupboards on the wall – it will help you a lot with keeping all of your things in one place and not all over the whole house, and thanks to that you will be able to save your time on searching for it all the time.