Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Olive 18mm

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Olive 18mm

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Technical data: Screw Cover Caps Olive

 Material colour: Olive
 Self-Adhesive: Yes
 Diameter: 18mm
 Quantity per sheet: 32 pieces
 Designed for: Screws



Furniture cover caps 18mm - Olive 

Today, every detail matters. Functionality is indeed the central pillar of the furniture assortment, allowing the comfortable use of purchased products. Nowadays, however, the competition outdoes itself in introducing more and more new additions to facilitate the use of furniture in their products and modern designs, colours, or decorations. However, certain principles remain the same. These include, above all, the use of solid and strong screws or bolts to hold your furniture together. Unfortunately, often after their insertion into furniture structure, marks remain. These are not aesthetically pleasing and make the appearance of the whole furniture questionable. We have developed a range of self-adhesive caps to cover these defects in a very simple and quick way.

Product details

One sheet consists of 50 blanking cover caps. Each one has a 18mm, very versatile diameter. The olive colour of these screw cover caps is classic and will blend perfectly with the wooden surround.
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