Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Teak 18mm

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Teak 18mm

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Technical data: Teak Screw Cover Caps 18mm

 Material colour: Teak
 Self-Adhesive: Yes
 Diameter: 18mm
 Quantity per sheet: 32 pieces
 Designed for: Screws

Furniture cover caps 18 mm Teak

There is no room for error or shortcomings in today's world where everything has to be done to the last button. Demanding customers often treat their furniture as a business card, whether in offices or at home. Usually, however, furniture wears out over time, which results in shortcomings on its surface in the form of scratches or minor damages. Additionally, what is more important, every piece of furniture has screws and bolts that often go beyond the furniture's surface. They can also create unsightly holes. The above-mentioned unpleasant situations causing many people to pay special attention to such defects make the furniture's whole appearance, although often beautiful, become questionable. It is worthwhile using Furnica's self-adhesive furniture cover caps in such a situation. These will help to cover up careless details, making the whole look of a piece of furniture as it should be.

Every detail matters!

These cover caps are available in a delicate teak colour. Each cap has a diameter of 18mm, which is a very versatile size for any buyer. One sheet comes with up to 32 cover caps. Screw cover caps allow you to aesthetically finish your furniture at a very low price.