Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Venge 18mm

Screw cover caps Self-Adhesive - Venge 18mm

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Technical data: Venge Screw Cover Caps 18mm

 Material colour: Venge
 Self-Adhesive: Yes
 Diameter: 18mm
 Quantity per sheet: 32 pieces
 Designed for: Screws



Furniture cover caps 18 mm Venge

It is known that the smallest defects and shortcomings can often annoy the most. This is probably because, contrary to appearances, they are most noticeable. While the whole piece of furniture is perfect, these tiny scratches or holes can disturb the entire look of the amount of furniture, making the visual impression go down a few notches. Furnica tries to remedy this and has created special furniture cover caps made from high-quality materials and are guaranteed to last for ages. All this at an attractive price! After being glued on, these cover caps will hide minor scratches or screw and bolt ends, which are left after the furniture has been assembled. 


The most frequently chosen solution by customers is the use of furniture end caps of a colour that blends with the structure of the furniture to which they are applied. In this case, the venge colour will be great for darker, classic furniture, making their small defects remain a secret. One sheet consists of up to 32 pieces of cover caps with a diameter of 18mm each. 
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