Gas Strut 250mm - 100N

Gas Strut 250mm - 100N

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Technical data: Gas Strut 100N

 Piston force: 100N
 Producer: Furnica
 Hole centers: 247mm
 Length: 269mm
 Colour: Silver
 Included: Fixing brackets and screws
 Calculate the Gas Strut Force: Gas Strut Calculator >>>



An alternative to traditional cabinets

Cabinets hanging in the kitchen do not have to open conventionally. Traditional doors are comfortable and frequently used but depending on the visual design or layout of the hanging cabinets, we can use upward-opening cabinets, commonly called flaps.

Soft opening and closing lift system

Its versatility and universal application have made the gas struts one of the most popular kitchen features. It can be installed in custom-designed kitchens and ready-made furniture in order to refresh them. They have three opening levels (75-, 90- or 110-degrees opening angle), enabling easy adjustment to the type of furniture.

Force adjusted to your furniture

Depending on the weight of the cabinet door being lifted, you should choose a gas spring with sufficient force. The power of the selected gas spring is 100N, which means that it is suitable for lifting a furniture front weighing about 10 kg. If the weight of your cabinet front is higher, the Furnica shop also provides gas-piston stays with higher forces. You can select them by expanding the list next to the product price above.

Easy assembly, durability for years

The kit contains instructions and a description of the dimensions of all the elements attached to the gas struts. You will find all screws and fastenings inside the package - you will not need any additional elements! The gas spring can be installed inside a wooden cabinet or made of aluminium. The length of the product (269mm) makes it optimal for most cabinets in our homes. Find out how to install gas struts.