Gas Strut 250mm - 150N

Gas Strut 250mm - 150N

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Technical data: Gas Strut 150N

 Piston force: 150N
 Producer: Furnica
 Hole centers: 247mm
 Length: 269mm
 Colour: Silver
 Included: Fixing brackets and screws
 Calculate the Gas Strut Force: Gas Strut Calculator >>>



Change your cabinets yourself

A gas struts is just a metal, an aesthetic small element that can make everyday use of the cabinets easier. Depending on the selected force (the chosen version of the gas spring is 150N), the spring can open upwards and smoothly close furniture fronts of different weights. It is this effect of "smooth" transition from closing to opening and vice versa that is most desired by customers. If you want to get such a result in your kitchen, bathroom, or living room then you should purchase the gas springs with an assembly kit in Furnica shop right now! :)

Lift system for all types of furniture

With its universal metallic look, our gas spring matches different furniture styles without being too eye-catching. The effect of gentle lifting will make an impression both in a modern and more classic apartment. Mounting the gas spring makes no problem, regardless of whether the front of our furniture is made of wood or aluminium. The 269mm long gas spring will fit most furniture in our homes.

75, 90 or 110 opening degrees

You can decide yourself what kind of opening effect you want or need, taking into account the layout of the furniture in your kitchen or other room of the house. The gas springs available at Furnica allow you to open cabinet doors vertically up to a width of 75, 90 or 110 degrees.


Remember to take into account the weight of the front for which the gas spring is to be used before buying. The selected version, 150N, is already suitable for heavier fronts and can lift a weight of about 15kg. Find out how to install gas struts.