Gas Strut 250mm - 80N

Gas Strut 250mm - 80N

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Technical data: Gas Strut 80N

 Piston force: 80N
 Producer: Furnica
 Hole centers: 247mm
 Length: 269mm
 Colour: Silver
 Included: Fixing brackets and screws
 Calculate the Gas Strut Force: Gas Strut Calculator >>>



Open and close with Furnica

Vertical cabinet gas springs will change the comfort of daily use of the storage areas of your stuff. Furnica has made sure that you can choose the gas spring you need for your particular furniture. There are 10 lifting forces available, the selected product features 80N.

Silent lifting

The installation of gas struts means, above all, a quieter opening and closing of cabinets. And that's what it's all about! Sturdy, steel springs will lift the fronts of your cabinets long years. Enjoy the effect of gentle lifting and lowering, without worrying about getting your fingers slammed!

For wood and aluminium

Gas struts purchased in Furnica shop are equally suitable for wooden and aluminium doors. The length of the gas stay is 269mm, which makes it suitable for most standard cabinets available on the market. You can be rest assured that all the necessary fasteners are included in the set, together with the spring.

Opening adapted to your needs

Once the spring is installed, your cabinet will open at the angle you want. Available options are 75, 90 or 110 degrees. Choose the suitable angle for your furniture and let out gas spring work for you throughout the years!

Safety above all!

Installing a lift is first and foremost a convenience, but also increased safety. No one will ever snap a finger while taking a cup out of the cupboard! Remember, however, that wider and heavier furniture fronts may require the installation of two symmetrically placed springs! The selected spring can lift a weight of about 8 kg. Find out how to install gas struts.