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How do I fit a furniture lock to a cabinet?

How do I fit a furniture lock to a cabinet?

Furniture locks are some of the most practical accessories imaginable. They are most often installed in office furniture, but they are also often used at home. They protect the contents of a drawer, cabinet or bookcase not only from third parties, but also from small children. Their important function is also to help organise and maintain order on a daily basis. No wonder we like to use them so much. The problem arises, however, when we already have our dream furniture, which does not have a suitable lock. How do you install a furniture lock for a cupboard, drawer or glass door yourself? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below!


How do I fit a lock into a bookcase or cabinet? Preparing the necessary components


The installation of furniture locks looks the same in every case. The steps are similar and repeatable, and in the case of basic, simple products - very easy to do. Most often locks are inserted into shelves and cabinets. This may be office furniture as well as home furniture, e.g. in the living room or bedroom. It is good if at home we have at least one place where we can store important things such as documents or money completely safely.

Before we start preparing for the installation, we need to prepare the necessary tools. Usually, for the installation of a furniture lock in a cabinet, the following items will be sufficient for us:

  • a furniture lock,
  • a ruler,
  • pencil,
  • spirit level,
  • a drill,
  • screws or mounting bolts.

In some cases we may need a sander to smooth out the adjacent surface. Sometimes, the drill can be replaced by a milling machine if the lock will not go directly to the other side in a given place. It all depends on the type of the specific component.


How to install a furniture lock correctly? The most important steps


Installing furniture locks in the vast majority of cases will not be a demanding challenge. Just make sure the site is well prepared and safe before you start work. If you are using a drill, it is a good idea to equip yourself with safety goggles and work gloves.

An example of fitting a lock to a bookcase or cabinet can be narrowed down to the following steps:

  1. Check the parameters of the furniture in which the lock is to be fitted. Make a note of the dimensions and special features.
  2. Choose the type of furniture lock to be fitted. Nowadays you will find a lot of different door locks on the market, so it will not be a problem to find the perfect one.
  3. Determine the position for the lock and mark the exact place of installation. For two-piece locks, carefully check the mounting location for any mismatches.
  4. Drill the mounting holes for the furniture lock and, if you are embedding the product in plywood or a similar material, nail it in place with the mounting screws.
  5. Done! Stably seat the furniture lock in the cabinet and check that it is securely fastened.


How do I install a furniture lock for a drawer myself?  


The installation of a furniture lock for a drawer is practically no different from the installation of this item for other room or office furniture. Similarly, as in all cases, the type of material from which the drawer is made is of the greatest importance. While solid wood will naturally require the use of a drill, MDF and plywood are soft enough that the lock can be attached manually with mounting screws and a screwdriver.

When fitting a furniture lock to a drawer, however, remember to take all measurements as accurately as possible. Usually the space above the end of the top extension is very small. It may be 1 or 2 mm. This makes it all the more important to install the drawer lock so that, in addition to the pull-out bolt, it does not impede the use of the furniture.


How do I fit a furniture lock to a glass cabinet door?


Glass furniture cabinets are very aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are very popular. Such cabinets look good, so we often place in them more expensive and attractive objects, e.g. a collection of liquor glasses, decorative vases etc. These items should be secured with a furniture lock. This becomes even more important if there are small children in the house, who could cut themselves when unexpectedly removing fragile glass and ceramics. In addition, the installation of furniture locks for glass cabinets is often the action of choice for people who have a vivarium and want to secure it properly. To ensure everything goes smoothly and safely, follow the steps in the order below:

  1. Choose a suitable lock for glass cabinets - you will find a wide selection of these products at Furnica
  2. Fix the lock as a clamp on the edge of the glass of your choice. The metal pin must be inside the glass cabinet.
  3. Screw the lock in place using the thumb screws. Make sure everything is stable.
  4. Close the glass part of the cabinet and test the operation of the lock. If you have chosen a lock with encryption, set it accordingly and memorise the code.


The glass cabinet lock works on a very similar principle to other furniture locks. The difference is that the parts of this product are adjusted so that you do not have to drill anything. More often than not, thumb screws are the main mounting element for glass cabinet locks.