How to install cable grommets?

How to install cable grommets?


  1. What are cable grommets?
  2. How to install cable ducts?
  3. How to mount the cable grommets in the desk and drill the holes?
  4. Which cable grommets to choose?
  5. Plastic and metal cable grommets


Installing cable grommets will make everyday tasks easier and everything more tidy. Cable grommets can be installed on all sorts of desks, and their function is the same in every case - they provide protection for cables and keep them in check. We show you how to install cable grommets and check out what you need to know about them!


What are cable grommets?


Cable grommets, also known as through-holes, are plastic or aluminium pieces that contain one or more holes to accommodate cables. They are most often installed in office furniture, especially desks but also tables. They are useful wherever there is usable space and many cables are tangled around.


How to install cable ducts?


Installing desk cable grommets can significantly improve the aesthetics of both the individual piece of furniture and the entire room. Suddenly, all cables can be neatly arranged. They won't get in the way under your feet, or tangled around laptops and monitors situated on tables and desks.

You will find many cable grommets at Furnica, but their design is always more or less the same as their purpose. This part is inserted into a hollowed out hole in the furniture, usually a desk. The cables are then passed through the grommet and connected to the target devices. In this way, the space can be used accordingly, making it neater and more aesthetically pleasing. With a few extras, such as adhesive cable grippers, it is possible to route the cables exactly the way you want. Cables can be hidden, masked or fully in view.


How to mount the cable grommets in the desk and drill the holes?


The installation of cable grommets should start with taking measurements. Where the cable grommet should be installed depends on individual needs and preferences. The most common place is in the middle of the desk, but nothing prevents you from installing a cable grommet on the side, front or back of the furniture - from a technical point of view it is indifferent.


The dimensions of the furniture grommet you bought need to be transferred to the place where the element is to be installed. Usually a cable grommet consists of a plastic circle, a small tunnel, through which cables pass and an external part, protruding slightly above the surface of the desk. If we decide on this type of model, we have to remember to transfer the size of the inner part, which will be inserted into it, to the piece of furniture and not the outer, wider part, protruding above the desk.


After marking the place, you should proceed to cutting out the opening. Here there are many possibilities, and the way of making it depends mainly on the material from which the piece of furniture is made. A standard tool will be a drill, but in the case of narrow chipboards a milling machine or similar tool will do just as well. The walls of the hole can be protected with lacquer, but this is not necessary as they will be covered by the cable grommet anyway. It is very important that the measurements are taken as accurately as possible, as the via should be firmly seated in the hollow.


Which cable grommets to choose?


At Furnica you will find many different types of cable grommets. Apart from products designed to be mounted inside the wall, all grommets are used for the same purpose - to organise your office space. Choose from a variety of shapes (round, square) and colours for your cable grommets.


Plastic and metal cable grommets


An important aspect when choosing cable grommets may be the material from which they are made. For the functionality of this element itself, it does not matter much, but it certainly affects the aesthetics. It is best to choose a cable grommet directly according to the type of desk or table on which this item is to be installed. Some lighter furniture may require the installation of a softer plastic grommet, but this is not the rule.