How to install cabinet handles?

How to install cabinet handles?

  1. What is the best way to install handles? 
  2. What are the steps for installing handles in kitchen furniture? 
  3. How to drill holes for the installation of handles?
  4. How do I measure a cabinet correctly before installation? 
  5. What size cabinet handles will fit my cabinet? 


Cabinet handles in the context of runner systems, hinges and various mounting parts are elements to which we often do not pay much attention. This is a mistake - kitchen cupboard handles are what most influence the character of a piece of furniture. In addition to their aesthetic value, however, they must first and foremost be functional. Correct installation is necessary to ensure this. How do I install cabinet handles? What to look out for and what tools do we need?


What is the best way to install handles? 

How cabinet handles are fitted depends largely on the type of furniture you have. For example, kitchen unit sets from many popular international chains already have all their holes pre-drilled. For this reason, the handle installation process does not require drilling. In other cases, it will be necessary to have a drill, although this also depends on the type of material. Kitchen cabinets are often made of MDF, plywood and other chipboard, which - even without holes - can be pierced very easily with a simple screw. All you have to do is screw it in under the right pressure.

So where do I start with the installation of cabinet door handles? First of all, it is a good idea to compile a list of the necessary tools. It is mainly worth getting the following:

  • spirit level with ruler,
  • pencil,
  • screws and/or assembly screws (if not included),
  • a drill with a drill bit adapted to the surface (optional).

With all this already in hand, you can start planning the installation of the furniture handles in detail.


What are the steps for installing handles in kitchen furniture? 

If we have furniture handles with dedicated mounting parts and the furniture cabinet is made of plywood or other soft wood or wood-like material, the installation of the handle will be skyrocketingly easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Using a spirit level, mark the location of the hole in the furniture cabinet (skip this step if the location is pre-determined by the manufacturer)
  2. Drill the hole with a drill or screw the screw into the wood to the agreed level - so that it goes through to the other side of the furniture door
  3. While carefully holding the screw or bolt on one side, pick up the furniture handle and screw it in slowly. For door handle type handles, do this again for the other mounting hole.
  4. Done!


The installation of furniture handles for kitchen cabinets, built-in fronts and other furniture is very simple. Differences can be seen in the way the holes are created. Sometimes we will have to use a drill, sometimes a good hand screwdriver, an assembly screw and a bit of force will suffice. However, let's be careful and precise while drilling and take care of our own safety.


How to drill holes for the installation of handles?

MDF panels can usually be drilled with a screwdriver. Solid wood for kitchen cabinets, however, will require a drill. How do I drill the holes for installing furniture handles? The most important aspect to remember is to choose the right drill bit for wood. Among other things, they have a more pointed tip than those found in metal drill bits. As a rule, the thickness of the cabinet front where the handle is to be fixed does not exceed 2 cm. The process is therefore very quick and stress-free. It is worth remembering to secure the other side so that the drill bit does not damage anything after leaving the hole.


How do I measure a cabinet correctly before installation? 

Some pieces of kitchen furniture do not have mounting holes specified by the manufacturer. In this case the first step in the process of installing cabinet handles is to measure the furniture and mark out the places for the mounting holes. However, furniture handles are a very versatile category. Whether you want to mount the handle slightly higher or lower depends on your taste alone. To make everything look good, you should simply be consistent - attach these elements at the same height as those already attached. A simple tape measure is all you need to measure a cabinet before fitting the handles.  We recommend using a spirit level so you can be sure everything is level.


What size cabinet handles will fit my cabinet? 

The size of the kitchen cabinet handles depends entirely on your own preferences. Technically, only the size of the mounting screws matters. Usually these are standard screws with a diameter of no more than 0.8 cm. However, everything depends on the specific furniture and manufacturer.

If we are sure that there will be no problem with the mounting holes and screws, then the external size of the handle can be completely arbitrary. It is worth noting at this point that the presented category of furniture accessories is really very rich. We can choose from various types of furniture handles for cabinets. Some of the most popular are:

  1. Elongated handles - depending on the cabinet they can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Very comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing. At Furnica you will find them in many different colour variations. They can be made of different materials, e.g. steel, nickel, brass, plastic or wood.
  2. T-bar handles - just as practical and quite similar to oblong handles; they usually have a second screw or pin to prevent the handle from moving. Characteristic is that they can be gripped from both sides.
  3. Edge cabinet handles - mounted on the edge of the front, usually on the top side, they allow a handy grip and do not disturb the aesthetics. Such handles are ideal for modern minimalist interiors.
  4. Shells - handles mounted usually in the same way as oblongs or t-bars, but taking up less space. They are usually wider and covered with a gold or silver colour which adds visual appeal.