Kitchen cabinet legs - the practical aspect of your furniture

Kitchen cabinet legs - the practical aspect of your furniture
  1. Key features of the cabinet legs
  2. Fit a variety of interior styles
  3. More benefits of the solution


Aesthetically and practically furnished interior is a dream that is easy to realize nowadays. Not only thanks to the availability of various leisure sets, but also the necessary accessories to customize the decor. One of such inconspicuous but extremely useful elements are furniture legs.

Key features of the cabinet legs

It is worth deciding to retrofit furniture with height-adjustable furniture legs. This makes it much easier to keep rooms clean - you can more accurately get rid of any microorganisms or mites, which often become a habitat for the development of allergens. Furniture legs made of modern composites are characterized by a high load capacity of up to 400 kg. Thanks to this, the legs are used not only in kitchen segments or office furniture, but also on industrial surfaces.


kitchen cabinet legs


The assembly of furniture legs is not complicated - some of the available sets are equipped with additional clips, thanks to which the elements can be mounted on aluminium (or wooden) plinths. Such a solution increases the durability of the whole structure.

Fit a variety of interior styles

For those whose priority is the visual side, the good news is that the furniture legs easily blend into the interior, regardless of the style in which it is maintained. Thanks to this, the practical qualities of the legs can be used both in the kitchen and in an elegant living room. The legs are particularly well suited for Scandinavian-style rooms. The main determinants of this are functionality, brightness and simplicity. The shapes are geometric, but the whole does not seem unfriendly or cool at all, as is the case, for example, in the industrial version. This is because the Scandinavian style uses natural light and organic materials such as wood (appropriately selected furniture legs can be a very durable imitation of wood). Convenience and practicality, on the other hand, are the features that perfectly fit into the contemporary understanding of home interiors.


More benefits of the solution

- The risk of scratching the parquet or damaging the carpet is reduced. Carpet deformations are also no problem (it's a good idea to make sure you balance the pressure in advance, which is really easy with support legs);
- Moving furniture becomes much easier - regardless of whether we want to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas or whether we are planning a major overhaul;
- the usable space of the room increases - thanks to the legs even in the smallest kitchen you can provide yourself with additional space to store various types of equipment (here, it is also worth to think about the supply of sliding drawers - which is a practical and aesthetic complement to each standing kitchen cupboard).

Furniture legs, although they are small elements and therefore often underestimated in the process of furnishing rooms, affect daily functioning in the living space. Thanks to them, it is possible to increase the comfort of using and keeping clean. Plastic legs are a durable component, which can be installed not only before, but also after the purchase of furniture.