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Non-slip mat - necessary equipment of every kitchen drawer

Non-slip mat - necessary equipment of every kitchen drawer

The kitchen without a drawers is not a kitchen. We store there cutlery as well as pots, plates and food products.A good quality anti-slip mat perfectly protects the bottom of drawers and prevents the objects from moving. It also protects against moisture.

Variety of colors and textures

Elegant non-slip mats, white and black, as well as in various shades of gray, can be easily fitted to any kitchen drawer. Our mats also have an interesting texture, thanks to which they become a decorative element of the interior of the drawer.

High quality of materials used

Anti-slip mats are made of high quality plastic, thanks to which they are easy to lay and stick tightly to the bottom of the drawer. If necessary, they can be quickly removed and washed.

Aesthetic values

Mats not only play a useful role - they also increase the aesthetic value of furniture, and drawers lined with high-quality protective materials simply please the eye.