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T-bar handles - the most popular solution in british kitchens?

T-bar handles - the most popular solution in british kitchens?

T-bar handles are a combination of simplicity and elegance, which will give even simple furniture an original character. An additional advantage of the rails is their high quality of workmanship, which makes the handles serve for years, even in kitchen furniture, which is most often used in our apartments. Relay handles give the possibility of optimal matching to the style of the interior due to the available range of colors. In our offer we present the most popular shades: chrome, aluminum and satin.

Furnica t-bar handles are made of ZnAl alloy, therefore they are durable and resistant to scratches. They can be mounted not only horizontally, but also vertically. An interesting combination, especially in kitchen furniture, is combined assembly: in hanging cabinets we use short handles to mount them vertically, while in drawers slightly longer to mount horizontally.

Drawer and cabinet handles.
These products will be used in kitchen, bathroom, room and office furniture. Universal design means that they will match many types of furniture, both traditional and modern. The large variety of available mounting hole spacing allows their use in fronts of various sizes.

kitchen t-bar handles