What determines the security of furniture locks?

What determines the security of furniture locks?
  1. Factors determining safety
  2. Examples of secure furniture locks


The use of various types of furniture locks is intended to ensure the security of the things stored in them. Many conditions determine their effectiveness. We present the factors that make furniture locks really a safe solution.

Factors determining safety

Lock users expect reliable protection. There are various factors under this concept.

Security requirements for locks:

  • tight closing of furniture doors and drawers,
  • smooth opening of the lock also after frequent use,
  • durability,
  • resistance to unauthorized disassembly.


The obvious factor that makes furniture locks a safe solution is the use of a key. If you are particularly concerned about security, you should choose the option of a key created for a special order.

The durability of furniture locks is determined by the materials from which the locks are made, especially high-quality steel. One of the factors increasing the security of the locks is also the use of replaceable inserts.

Important information is the fact that furniture locks do not literally have an anti-burglary function, but they can signal burglary attempts. These types of tests are effectively hindered in the case of high-class locks. At the same time, such castles clearly show traces of each attempt at forcing.

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Examples of secure furniture locks

Manufacturers who develop solutions that specifically protect the property of lock users use innovations not only because of the needs of customers. It is worth knowing that they are required to comply with various standards regarding protection during production. There are several solutions available on the market regarding locks and increasing furniture security. The offer is very diverse:

  • special security requirements apply to metal boxes for storing and transporting money and valuables. Cylindrical inserts are intended for them,
  • in public places (institutions, offices) it is required to use patent locks or locks with a patent insert, providing insert numbering (possibility of using various locking systems) and the mentioned possibility of replacing the insert without having to replace the entire lock,
  • security is served by so-called locks with a rotating rod (composed of a lock box, rotary rod and closing hooks at the lower and upper end of the rod - mounted in the upper and lower floor of the furniture). They allow the lock to be closed at least in two points,
  • a separate category dedicated to furniture security are combination locks, which, apart from the key, have an encryption mechanism that allows you to set any (one of even several thousand) combinations. They operate on the basis of different locking systems and can be mounted as mortise or overlay locks.

The efficiency of the lock can be extended by subjecting it to regular maintenance, e.g. with vaseline spray, which primarily protects the lock against rust. Let's also remember that every lock purchased in the furniture accessories store is covered by a warranty. In the case of defective products whose use is not smooth, we recommend using it.